Two brothers and a cousin of the girl are allegedly behind the “honour killing”

In a suspected case of honour killing, a girl and her boy friend were murdered at Haladiapadar village on the outskirts of Berhampur on early Sunday morning. Ironically, the girl was to get married on Sunday.

Two brothers and a cousin of the girl were allegedly behind the double murder.

Superintendent of Police Anirudh Singh said family members of Mami Nayak (20), who were opposed to her relationship with Amar Nayak (20), were behind the gruesome act. All the three accused were absconding.

An axe and a sword have been seized from the spot of crime. The police have interrogated Bulu Nayak, the father of the girl.

Both bodies, lying in a pool blood, were recovered by police from the house of the boy at Haladiapadar, about 15 kilometres from here.

Mami was from Gandhinagar area of Berhampur while Amar’s family lived in a rented house. He was working in a workshop as a mechanic.

Marriage of the girl was to be held with another youth at Narayanpur village of Digapahandi block. On Saturday night, her family members had organised a feast for friends and relatives. According to police sources, family members of Amar had also been invited to the feast as both families were close to each other.

It was alleged that around midnight, the girl eloped with Amar.

According to the complaint of Sanjukta Nayak, mother of Amar, Mami reached their house around midnight. A few hours later, two brothers of the girl, along with their cousin, too reached there. The three attacked and killed Mami and Amar; immediately the accused fled the spot, alleged Sanjukta.

However, Soudamini Nayak, mother of the girl, denied any affair between her daughter and Amar. According to her, all arrangements were ready for Mami’s marriage on Sunday and they never expected such a tragedy would struck them.

Honour killing is not new to this area. Police had arrested Sanyasi Dakua and his wife Satya Dakua who had allegedly murdered their daughter on July 16, 2013 at a deserted spot near Chandipadar over her illicit relationship. In November 2012, Ujala Bisoi (60) and his son Purna Chandra Bisoi of Aonlaguda village were arrested for the murder of Purna’s daughter Sunita Bisoi. They had killed Sunita when they came to know that she had become pregnant due to some illicit relationship.