The lead CBI investigator in the Aarushi- Hemraj double murder case wanted to arrest Nupur Talwar on the basis of material evidence gathered during the probe, but was not permitted by senior officers, a special court here was told on Wednesday.

CBI Additional SP AGL Kaul, who led the second probe team was asked by defence counsel to explain why Aarushi’s mother Nupur was not arrested if there was enough evidence against her.

“I wanted to arrest Nupur Talwar on the basis of material gathered during the investigation and question her. But my senior officer Neelabh Kishore did not permit me so I did not arrest her,” Mr. Kaul said during the cross examination.

Nupur was not named as an accused in the agency’s closure report, but it clearly says Rajesh and Nupur connived to commit the crime, Mr. Kaul said.

With Wednesday’s proceedings, Mr. Kaul’s deposition before the special court here has been completed. He was the last prosecution witness to be produced before the court, CBI counsel R.K. Saini told PTI here.

Mr. Kaul said the accused did not cooperate with him and attempted to misguide him.

Talwars’ plea denied

The Talwars wanted the investigating agency to carry out the LCN DNA test on the evidence seized, but it was not done because the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics and Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology opined that since DNA testing of these samples had already been done. Hence, the test asked by Talwars cannot be conducted.


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