Picking up the thread from her outburst on Monday against the Election Commission for ordering transfer of a DM and five SPs, Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said she abided by the Constitution, but will not accept any insult to her State.

“I know what is Constitution. I abide by the Constitution. We pay respect as deserved. But no one has the right to insult Bengal. I have not given you the right to insult me when I give respect to you,” the West Bengal Chief Minister said at a rally in Purulia.

“I will live with my head high as long as I live. I am not afraid of threats from Delhi,” she said.

She alleged that there was no action against two or three people, who with the support from some, were trying to sell out the country.

“The more you attack TMC, the more we will flourish. If we would have got 36 seats, now people of Bengal will give us 42 out of 42 seats in the State,” she said.