Nooriya Yousuf Haveliwala — who was arrested on Saturday last after the vehicle she was driving under the influence of alcohol went out of her control and killed a police officer and a civilian — has said that she was being chased that night, Additional Commissioner of Police R.K. Padmanabhan told journalists here on Monday.

Mr. Padmanabhan, however, said Ms. Haveliwala was changing her statements all too often. Her family had alleged that a tyre of the SUV she was driving burst and caused the vehicle to go out of control.

“We have received a report from the Regional Transport Office and it does not state any defect in the car or tyres. The car was in perfect condition,” Mr. Padmanabhan said.

The police took Ms. Haveliwala to all the places she went to before the incident, beginning from her house in south Mumbai, then to a friend’s place, next to a pub called Ghetto, moving on to the Grand Central bar, and finally to the location under the Princess Street flyover where the accident took place.

Drug angle

Mr. Padmanabhan said Ms. Haveliwala’s hair, nail and blood samples were sent for chemical analysis to test if she was under the influence of any drug. The police also questioned eight people in a bid to probe the drug angle.