The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) has asked Maharashtra government to investigate reports about non-tribals occupying about 22,000 posts reserved for STs in the state.

The reports about non-tribals occupying the posts reserved for Scheduled Tribes (STs) came to the knowledge of the Commission during its visit to the state in July this year, an official said.

“The complaints regarding non-tribals occupying the posts, reported to be about 22,000, reserved for STs (which is) should be investigated at the earliest,” the Commission has said in its report.

A team, led by NCST chairperson Urmila Singh and vice chairman Maurice Kujur, had gone on a seven-day visit to Maharashtra on July 12 to review the status and implementation of government schemes for Scheduled Tribes and take stock of the condition of the tribals.

During a meeting with the state officials, the Commission also found that out of 92,000 existing vacancies in the state, 23,000 vacancies were earmarked for ST category and these were yet to be filled up by the government.

The Commission has asked the state government to take “immediate action” to fill up the backlog vacancies of STs in the state “in a time-bound manner”.