Nirmal Krishna Saha, grandfather of a 16-month-old boy who was taken away from his parents in August 2012 by the Child Protection Services in New Jersey, U.S., has said there is no point in withholding custody of the child when the grandparents are willing to take care of him.

“Despite having expressed my desire to travel to the U.S. and take custody of my grandchild several months ago, the U.S. authorities have failed to provide any reason for the delay in handing over custody,” Mr. Saha told The Hindu over telephone from his residence at Balughat in West Bengal’s Dakshin Dinajpur district on Thursday.

“My son Debasish (father of the child) has told me that in November 2012, the baby sustained injuries to the lower lip. In the last week of December he was admitted to hospital for severe dehydration,” Mr. Saha, said.

He added that such incidents raised questions about the care U.S. authorities were giving the child.