In the pantheon of ‘Modi merchandise’ that is on offer on the internet, a section of Gujarat BJP supporters have made one more addition. The NaMo online store recently launched the ‘NaMo Balm’ in a bid to offer a symbolic panacea for the country’s ills.

“The product was conceptualised in light of the Modi wave. Just as a balm relieves pain, the NaMo balm is a remedy for all problems of the nation. There are several issues in the country and the balm is a solution to all,” Manish Joshi from the online store told The Hindu.

Priced at Rs. 24, the balm bottle carries a tagline of ‘Dard anek, ilaj ek [One cure for all ills].’

Mr. Joshi claimed the balm has invoked much interest among consumers, with the store selling up to 10,000 units in just a week of its launch.

Offering a range of products based on the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, the NaMo online portal has tried to popularise Mr. Modi’s idea of nationalism through the use of marketing strategies.

The store itself was launched in 2013, by a group of people who wanted to come up with creative solutions to express their support for Mr. Modi. “Initially, we started with T-shirts and slowly our creative team and products grew,” Manish Saini, the store’s spokesperson said.