Nagaland is among the six ‘Election Expenditure-Sensitive’ States as per the data of the previous elections.

“Nagaland, along with Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab and Arunachal Pradesh, has been categorised as Election Expenditure-Sensitive State,” Deputy Election Commissioner Sudhir Tripathi told reporters here on Wednesday evening.

Considering the categorisation, the Election Commission (EC) would deploy Expenditure Monitoring Team from the day of filing of nominations till the polling was over, he said.

Checking money, muscle power

Flying squads, video surveillance team as well as parallel election expenditure accounts would be put in place throughout the State so that the elections were held without the use of money or muscle power, he said.

Expressing satisfaction over the preparedness of Nagaland for the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, he said all political parties had requested the EC to ensure that the voters received their EPIC.

“Nagaland is the last State to have started the distribution of EPIC, but Nagaland and Assam will be the first States in the country to use plastic EPIC,” he said.