The Joint Working Group (JWG) formed by three underground Naga outfits on Wednesday said it would not accept any “conditional political package” from the Centre.

The Home Ministry had earlier said it would offer a set of political proposals to the Naga groups by December end to form the basis of future peace talks for an acceptable and honourable settlement to the vexed political conflict.

“To clarify doubts arising out of recent statements made by the Government of India, the JWG hereby recommit ourselves to uphold, respect and honour the principles of a joint declaration signed on September 28 in which we jointly reject any form of conditional package offered to the Nagas by the Centre,” a JWG statement said.

The JWG was the outcome of the signing of ‘Covenant of Re-conciliation’ among the representatives of NSCN(I—M), NSCN(K) and NNC/FGN at Chiangmai in Thailand on September 23 at the initiatives of Forum for Naga Re-conciliation (FNR), a body comprising members from Churches and civic groups.

The group also underscored the need for a summit of top leaders of the three groups at the earliest.