Popular musician and folk singer of Manipur, Guru Rewben Mashangva, sang for peace in a musical campaign held in Imphal recently.

Mr. Mashangva is now using his Roland ampli-speaker to not belt out his compositions but campaign for peace in Manipur and the rest of the northeast.

“The acoustic sound is what I like, because my music and my thoughts are very simple; they are either black or white and that is what my music is – clean and clear and simple,” he said. The musician is responsible for reviving the musical tradition of Tangkhul folk songs using traditional musical instruments.

Mr. Mashangva, the King of Naga Folk Blues, and Imphal Talkies singer Sachidananda Angom launched the musical campaign for change under the theme “Winning Peace Together” at the conference hall of Tribal Research Institute in Imphal.

“Music can be seen as something that bridges the gap between different kinds of people, ethnicities. In the northeast, we hardly know Hindi singers or their folk singers but after listening to their music we could associate with the music even if we do not know their language. So, music is a powerful tool,” said Mr. Angom.

The event was organised in collaboration with Change Support Group and Folk Art and Cultural Guild, Manipur. — ANI