The residents of Moreh decided not to end their protests against the abduction of the two Sikh traders — S. Singh from Uttar Pradesh and Dhan Singh from Mumbai, though the bodies of the two traders were found on Thursday.

The protesters have shut down shops and business establishments at Moreh and are not allowing people to cross the international border to buy foreign goods from the Naphalong and Tamu markets in Myanmar.

A spokesman of the All Community Organisation at Moreh said the agitation would continue until the Manipur government announced specific steps to safeguard the traders. Meanwhile the Manipur police seem to be in the dark about the traders' deaths that occurred deep inside Myanmar on February 11. Reports say the bodies of the traders were severely mutilated and indicate torture.

The bereaved family members claimed the bodies after post mortem. Security measures have been beefed up to maintain law and order at the border town. So far there is no claim from any group to the gruesome killings.