Rubbishing charges made against him by BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi about the alleged foreign bank account in the name of his wife or son, former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said that Mr. Modi instead of pointing fingers at others should rather respond to allegations of mass murder against him.

“It is a classic case of pot calling kettle black,” Captain Singh said in a response to Mr. Modi’s speech at Barmer in Rajasthan. “Imagine a man charged with mass murder of hundreds of innocent people never having the moral courage to speak about it, but resorting to myths and lies conceived and created by the dirty tricks department of his party,” he said.

Captain Singh, who is the Congress candidate from Amritsar challenging BJP’s Arun Jaitley, said that nobody stopped Mr. Modi and his party to pursue these accounts and prove these to be true. “This is not for the first time that they have raised it and I am sure this won't be the last time either,” he said that the very timing of these allegations exposed the motive.

The continuous and consistent malicious campaign launched by the BJP, first through Subramanian Swamy followed up by Mr. Jaitley, Nirmala Sitaraman and now Mr. Modi only betrayed their frustration of a comprehensive defeat that stared them in the face at Amritsar. “I actually take it as an admission by the BJP of its defeat much ahead of the actual battle. Otherwise there is no point in raising this allegation which even they know has no basis,” a statement quoting him said.