Hotel executive Uday Shankar Chanda, who went missing after leaving his place of work in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, for Kolkata in his car on July 2, returned to his house here on Sunday.

The Jharkhand police, who are investigating the case, escorted Mr. Chanda and his driver, Dilip Singh, back home, a senior official of the Dhanbad police told The Hindu over telephone.

It was not clear a ransom was paid or not to ensure Mr. Chanda's release.

The Jharkhand police had informed their counterparts in Bardhaman district of West Bengal shortly after the two were reported missing.

An alert was sounded in thanas separating Dhanbad and Bardhman districts as Mr. Chanda was last contacted on his mobile while in Kulti thana area of Bardhaman.

Mr. Chanda is well but mentally drained, a family member said.