A 17-year-old girl hailing from Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh was gang-raped allegedly by four men in a tempo in Ganpat nagar slum in the suburb of Borivali here on Monday night. A passer-by who heard the victim’s screams came to her aid, nabbed an accused and handed him over to the police, officials said on Tuesday. Based on the girl’s statement, the police later arrested two more accused, while one person is absconding. All the accused are auto-rickshaw drivers from the same area.

“After the constable brought her to the station, we questioned her. She said she knew the accused as they live in her area. Based on the information, we arrested two more persons. By around two a.m. on Tuesday, we had registered an FIR,” S.B. Kilje, senior police inspector of MHB police station, told The Hindu.

The minor girl had come alone to the city a year ago. She was staying alone in a slum in Ganpat Nagar, where her live-in partner had arranged her accommodation. He has been missing since the incident, police said.