The Deputy Speaker of Manipur, Mr Presho Shimray, had a narrow escape when militants ambushed his entourage on Wednesday afternoon while he was returning to Imphal after casting his vote in Ukhrul district. He hails from Ukhrul district.

Sources said that when the cavalcade was slowing down to negotiate the mountain curves at Litan some powerful bombs which had been buried at the roadside were detonated by remote control. Shots were fired from different directions using automatic rifles. His security guards retaliated. The cars speeded up without halting and managed to escape from the multiple ambushes. There was no casualty among the security personnel.

Unknown militants have been targeting politicians from Ukhrul district for many years. Recently one MLA from the district Wungshanao Keishing and his security guards were returning to Imphal after attending a function in the district. Militants ambushed the cavalcade. Most of the security personnel were killed on the spot while the remaining ones were wounded. The MLA however escaped unscathed. Reporters who were covering the function were planning to tag along with him for an interview. However, it so happened that the departure of the reporters was delayed by a few minutes and that is how they were saved from a certain death.

No militant group has claimed responsibility for the ambush on Wednesday.