Migrant tribal workers in Assam have asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to find a solution to their demand for recognition as tribals by the State government.

Heading a tribal delegation yesterday, Congress leader and MP Ramdayal Munda apprised Mr. Singh of the importance of giving recognition to the migrant tribals of Assam, according to a press release issued by Mr. Munda in Ranchi today.

“About 80 lakh tribals from Chhatisgarh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand migrated to Assam to work in tea gardens several years ago and settled there. But they have not been given tribal status in Assam yet,” Mr. Munda informed the Prime Minister.

If the migrants were recognised as tribals, Munda claimed, they could be of help in the BSF’s efforts to check people from Bangladesh crossing over the borders.

The Prime Minister assured the delegation of finding a solution with regard to the migrants’ tribal status in Assam, he said.