Constituency watch: Manipur

The Maoist Communist Party (MCP) in Manipur has announced that buses, trucks, oil tankers and other commercial vehicles will not be allowed to ply from April 4 to April 8. A press statement by the proscribed outfit says that auto rickshaws and other small passenger vehicles will be allowed and there will no restrictions on vehicles plying for socio-religious functions.

The MCP statement said that the idea is that the polling personnel and polling materials should not be transported to polling stations for the reserved seat. The constituency goes to polls on April 9. There will be similar restrictions for the general seat where the polling will be held on April 17.

The government shall be requisitioning buses, trucks and other vehicles for transporting polling personnel and other materials and the MCP is determined to obstruct it. If the vehicle owners ply their vehicles in defiance of the ban order they will be made accountable even after the elections.

Meanwhile, police and paramilitary forces have been tightening security measures to ensure that there is no law and order problem in Manipur during the elections. There are surprise raids here and there for frisking the youths. Those who cannot produce their identity papers are taken to police stations for further verification. However, there has been no report of any arrests in the area.