A few days after a husband accepted his newly–wedded wife as his sister and decided to reunite her with her former lover, the woman has reportedly been dumped by the former lover.

Nitish accepted Aarti, whom he married on May 6, as his sister after she told him about her affair with Vineet on the night of their marriage. When Aarti told her husband that she had married Vineet a few days ago, Nitish decided to reunite the lovers.

However, Vineet was trying to avoid any contact with Aarti.

Even the efforts of the local police, already struggling to sort out this ‘first of its kind' case, have failed.

Aarti and Nitish, who were invited by the district administration at the family counselling centre here on Sunday to sort out the issue, turned down the suggestion of experts to live together again, saying that it was not possible as both had accepted each other as brother and sister.

When the counsellors tried to contact Vineet, he refused to meet them saying that there was a threat to his life. Aarti has decided to go back to her parents' house for now.