The Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal, a Central government undertaking, was shut down on Wednesday. Doctors, staff and students staged a sit-in on the campus. This was in protest against the kidnapping of Kunal Chakrabarti, a post-graduate student from Tripura, on Tuesday by some tribal militants who were signatories to the suspension of operations.

Being a signatory to this ceasefire, the armed militants cannot make their presence felt nor indulge in insurgency-related activities.

The Out Patient Department, the emergency services and routine operations were suspended for the day.

Dr. W. Gyaneshwar, Director of the Institute, and other ranking officials participated in the sit in protest.

A spokesman of the medicos told The Hindu that they are making three demands.

The security measures on the campus should be strengthened. There should be adequate security in the hostels.

The medicos, who have to go to other districts in connection with their studies, should be provided armed escorts. It may be recalled that following some violent incidents, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi had assured that a police check post would be opened on the hospital campus. The Director and the Medical Superintendent get armed escort round the clock.

Also, the emergency and the administrative blocks are guarded by the CRPF personnel.

One senior doctor had been kidnapped for ransom. It is alleged that huge amounts of money had been extorted from several doctors.

Bomb attacks had been carried out at the residences of the doctors.

Besides, there had been some killings in the hostel and hospital in the past.