The Manipur Governor Vinod Kumar Duggal visited the mosque at Babupara in Imphal located near the offices and residences of the Chief Minister, other Ministers and high officials, on Friday. He held discussions with clerics and other leaders on problems faced by Muslims and other minority communities in the State.

The Governor underlined the need for all communities to live in peace and harmony. Without such mutual understanding and trust there cannot be peace, development in the State. There is a huge potential for developing tourism, industry in Manipur. He, however, said that there is a small stumbling block regarding investment: investors will be worried over instances of extortions, kidnappings and other acts of terrorism.

This is for the first time that a Governor has visited the mosque. Sources said that he plans to make such visits at other places of worship. Some clerics said that with this momentous visit it is established that minorities are not neglected at all.