No newspaper hit the stands in Manipur on Sunday as editors and journalists could not attend office on Saturday in view of the death threats by militants of a proscribed outfit. The All-Manipur Working Journalists' Union is shortly convening a general body meeting to take stock of the latest threat.

A. Mobi, editor of The Sanaleibak, spokesperson of the AMWJU told The Hindu that for quite sometime one faction of the outfit had been demanding a press release. But another faction did not want it published, saying those who had issued it were impostors. Both were putting pressure on the newspapers to obey their contradictory demands.

In a meeting last week, the AMWJU resolved to put up the issue before the general body for a discussion on November 27. When both factions continued to pressure the editors, the AMWJU published a notice on Friday asking the factions to wait till the general body meeting. However some militants visited the offices of the newspapers and a local cable network on Saturday and told them to suspend work.