The Ganga temple on the Manikarnika Ghat in Uttarkashi was swept away on Thursday night in the Bhagirathi.

Bhatwari Sub-Divisional Magistrate Krishna Kumar Singh told The Hindu that heavy rainfall on Thursday resulted in the rise in the water level of the Bhagirathi. A part of the temple remained submerged in the river for almost a month-and-half. The Shiva statue that was placed near the temple a few years ago was, however, is intact.

Uttarkashi District Magistrate R. Rajesh Kumar said, “The temple was in constant danger, especially after the June catastrophe as flash floods in the Bhagirathi in June eroded the area [where the temple was situated].”

Vijendra Nautiyal, member of the Ganga Temple Committee, said the temple was constructed a few years ago and the daily aarti was done from the Manikarnika Ghat. “The aarti got over by 7.00 p.m. and the temple got swept away in the night,” Mr. Nautiyal said. Mr. Singh said the houses near the Bhagirathi were vacated even before the water level rose on Thursday.