A 96 year old man died after drinking acid mistaking it as water in Tripura. The tragic incident occurred at Gabtali in south district on Thursday in the wee hours.

Police on Friday said nonagenarian Sudhan Sarkar who hailed from Rajnagar went to Gabtali for a visit to his daughter. Late in the night he felt thirsty and looked around for water in the room he was staying in.

He found a bottle and drank the liquid mistaking it as water. The bottle actually contained acid meant to process rubber latex. Sudhan Sarkar immediately fell sick and the house members rushed him to a local hospital after his condition deteriorated. He died after a few hours.

Local MLA Sudhan Das visited the grieving family and paid floral tribute to the mortal remains of Sudhan Sarkar who presumably was oldest resident of Rajnagar.

He had cast his last vote on April 7 in election to West Tripura Lok Sabha constituency.