Saviours of the government have been exposed, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said here on Thursday hours after the no-confidence motion moved by the Trinamool Congress in the Lok Sabha was rejected as the party failed to garner support of the required number of MPs for the motion to be admitted.

“Though the motion was rejected on the floor of the House due to numbers, the ‘no trust’ against the United Progressive Alliance government is not rejected by the people of the country,” she said in a comment posted on her Facebook page.

“We thought that other members, who are so vociferous against FDI in retail and other sectors and various other anti-people decisions of the UPA government, would join the no-trust move against the [UPA] government,” she said.

“We knew our limitation was the strength [numbers] and ultimately that is why the motion was rejected,” her post said.

Emphasising the Trinamool’s “commitment to the people of the country,” she said the other political parties “did not come forward for the cause of the people, citing various excuses.”