Rajasthan Medical and Health Minister Aimaduddin Ahmed Khan has called upon Ayurveda experts to conduct medicinal system while assuring them of financial support by the State Government.

He said research would promote public confidence in the therapeutic qualities of Ayurveda.

Inaugurating a workshop for Ayurveda practitioners here, Mr. Khan said Ayurveda, which is popular in the rural areas, should be promoted in the cities as well and brought into the mainstream of medical practice.

“It is strange that while people in foreign countries are realising the significance of Ayurveda, we in India are neglecting our indigenous medicinal system,” he said.

The participants in the workshop deliberated on the role of Ayurvda in protection of maternal and child health, treatment of anaemia and management of age-related disorders. Among others, Rajasthan Ayurveda University Vice-Chancellor Banwarilal Gaur, Central Council for Indian Medicines chairman Raghunandan Sharma and State Ayurveda Secretary Rajiv Swaroop addressed the workshop.