Maharashtra police has appealed to the Maoists to surrender and assured them that all possible help would be provided to the surrendered Maoist cadres.

The appeal was made through a statement issued by the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP), Gadchiroli on Friday,

According to the police, seven Maoists have surrendered in last eight months in Gadchiroli district.

These surrendered Maoists are Nirmala Kulmethe, Sukhram Madavi and Mangesh Atram of Kohakameta LOS Dalam of Maoists, Damaji Dugga and Kishor Madavi of Perimili Dalam, Chanda Uike and Ranuka Dhannuti of platoon 14.

According to the police, all these Maoists were fed up with “Jungle life and arrogance of the top Maoist commanders”. They were misdirected to believe in violent revolution and some them were forcibly inducted into the Dalam. All of them surrendered to the police to live a better life.

Police appeal to all those Maoists who were forcibly inducted into Maoist movement or they went into it by mistake, to surrender. The police and the government are committed to rehabilitate the surrendered Maoists and those who wish to surrender, said the statement.