The State Economic Survey report for 2013-14, tabled in the Maharashtra state legislature on Wednesday said that 4.52 lakh girls benefited from a Maharashtra state government scheme to reduce the dropout rate of girls studying in primary schools in 2012-13.

In order to reduce the dropout rate among girls studying in primary schools, the Maharashtra state government has been implementing an “attendance allowance scheme” since January 1992.

Under this scheme, between one rupee per day and a maximum of Rs. 220, are paid to parents of girls studying in standard one to standard four, for having an attendance of more than 75 per cent of working days.

It covers all girls from the tribal sub-plan area as well as those belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and below poverty line families in other areas.

During 2012-13, about 4.52 lakh girls benefited with an expenditure of Rs. 9.95 crore.

The scheme is expected to cover 4.91 lakh beneficiaries during 2013-14, the survey report said.