Normal life was partially disrupted on Tuesday in Manipur as a result of the 15-hour general strike imposed by the Opposition Manipur People's Party (MPP) from midnight of Monday in protest against the alleged police excesses on its leaders and workers.

A large number of leaders and workers took out a procession on Monday intending to storm the Assembly now in session demanding price control and easy availability of essential commodities. They alleged that the government had no control over the hoarders and blackmarketeers.

Five persons were injured when the police used tear gas shells.

Besides, the police had arrested five leaders including the MPP president, Nimaichand Luwang. The arrested leaders were later released when they threatened to launch a hunger strike within the prison.

No inter-district and inter-State vehicles plied. However, all markets, government offices and business centres were open. Tuesday is important for the Hindu Manipuris since this is the concluding day of the 8-day religious chariot festival. A spokesman of the MPP said that sit-in protests would continue in the party premises.