Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav was injured in a freak accident late on Friday, when he was on his way to Raghopur in Vaishali district.

The windshield of Mr. Yadav’s SUV cracked suddenly and the glass shards bounced off against the airbag injuring Mr. Yadav on his head causing him to bleed, his personal assistant Bhola Yadav told The Hindu.

He was rushed to a nearby private hospital, where he received stitches in two places. A CT scan and X-ray were done, but the tests found no cause for concern. The doctors advised him rest.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the RJD leader to enquire about his well-being. Mr. Yadav is currently touring the State to gather support for his parivartan rally scheduled to be held in Patna on May 15.

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