Two days after his party staged a comeback in the by-elections, a jubilant Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad on Saturday said the Nitish Kumar government had begun its downward spiral.

Mr. Prasad said this was amply indicated in the results, as his party won twice as many seats as the Janata Dal (United) and thrice as many as the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He criticised the government for aiming “to create schisms between different sections.”

“Our younger brother, the so-called ‘development guru,’ Mr. Nitish Kumar [the Chief Minister of Bihar] has not done anything for the common people, apart from devising divisive policies, which have only pitted one caste against another,” he charged.

“We do not make distinctions between castes, whether Bhumihar or Rajput. We have always sought the blessings of the Brahman caste before embarking on any important endeavour,” he said, declaring that “all Biharis were one.”

He alleged that complaints were not heeded by the government, and that it had not looked after the interests of its farmers, whether big or small.

He said the government “was not capable of setting up even a needle factory in Bihar.”

“The Bihar public is now asking his [Nitish’s] government to account for the money given by the Centre for the implementation of various schemes.”

Seeking to maintain solidarity with the Congress, Mr. Prasad said the “Congress may have left me, but I will never leave the Congress.”

Mr. Prasad said the RJD-LJP (Lok Jan Shakti Party) combine would contest elections in Jharkhand.

He welcomed other allies for the 2010 Assembly elections.