The cyclonic storm Laila has thrown out of gear the movement of trains on the north-south route passing through Nagpur and a number of trains were running behind schedule up to 30 hours.

Train number 2512 Thiruvananathpuram-Gorakhpur Rapti Sagar Express scheduled to depart Nagpur yesterday at 4:45 pm was running 30 hours late while 2625 Thiruvananthpuram-New Delhi Kerala Express departing here last night at 8:20 pm was 23 hours behind schedule.

Today?s 2641 Kanyakumari-Nizamuddin Express scheduled to depart at 2 am was 13 hours late, 6031 Chennai-Jammu Tawi Anandman Express scheduled to depart at 2:35 am was running 17 hours late, 2687 Chennai-Chandigarh Dehradoon Express schedule to depart at 3:40 am was 15 hours late, Gorakhpur- Thiruvananthpuram Rapti Sagar scheduled to depart at 4:10 am was four hours late.

Similarly, 4259 Rameshwaram-Varanasi Benaras Express scheduled to depart at 8:20 am was 12 hours late and 2621 Chennai-New Delhi Tamil Nadu Express scheduled to depart at 2:10 pm today was indefinite late, a release from Nagpur division of Central Railway said.


Trains services remain disruptedMay 21, 2010