Goa government has decided to continue Konkani and Marathi as Medium of Instruction (MOI) for elementary education in the State, refusing the plea by section of parents to include English as MOI.

“The government has decided to retain the existing system with primary standard from first to fourth in mother tongue and upper primary with standard fifth to seventh in English,” State Education Minister Atanasio Monserrate told State Legislative Assembly yesterday.

Further, the minister also announced recruitment of English teacher in each primary school in the State to strengthen the base knowledge of English.

Goa had witnessed controversy with a section of parents demanding including of English as MOI during framing of rules for Right to Education (RTE).

There was another section comprising educationists, parents and intellectuals, who maintained that MOI should be in mother tongue.

The minister on Thursday also announced that the government will constitute a high power state Advisory Council to guide the government on RTE Act.

Mr. Monserrate said that the State government is in the process of formulating the rules for RTE, keeping Goa in context.