Taxis in the city may soon don a blue and white colour bucking a worldwide trend.

The West Bengal government has already embarked on a plan to make the State capital a ‘blue city.' Park railings are being painted blue and white, as also the tree trunks in public places. The State Secretariat has been illuminated with streams of blue and white bulbs, since the New Year.

State Transport Minister Madan Mitra told journalists that a meeting has been called on February 18, with taxi operators and unions to discuss a 12-point agenda which include the repainting and other issues like passenger refusal.

He said the government was also contemplating running night service for buses on routes where there was public demand. This will aid the common man while enabling the ailing State transport corporations to shore up their revenues. He also said inspections would be conducted on drivers and bus ticket collectors.

The State government has also procured copies of bus tickets from Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru and Mumbai to explore opportunities for commercial exploitation of the tickets, Mr. Mitra said.