Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra and his neighbour Subrata Sengupta who were arrested and had to spend a night in police custody earlier this year for forwarding an e-mail containing a graphic directed at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have written to the West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) saying they have not received from the State government the compensation of Rs 50,000 even three months after the panel’s recommendation.

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The WBHRC had recommended on August 13 a compensation to each of them for the “manner in which they were arrested and detained in the thana” in connection with the e-mail.

Prof Mahapatra and Mr Sengupta were arrested on April 12 and spent the night in police custody at Purba Jadavpur police station.

“We would like to inform you (WBHRC) that till date we have not received compensation awarded by the commission, nor is there is any communication from the State government,” the letter dated November 16 said.

In its recommendation the WBHRC had recommended the compensation be paid within six weeks from the issue of order. The State government was asked to submit the action taken report to the commission within two months.

“It is surprising that even after three months of the recommendations of the WBHRC the State government has neither paid any compensation nor tried to communicate to us anything in this regard. What is more strange is that the State government has not informed or communicated to WBHRC,” Prof Mahapatra told The Hindu on Monday.

Stating that the recommendation of the commission had come as a solace both to him as well as his neighbour Mr Sengupta, he said that it vindicated the sanctity of justice, equity, fair play and liberty enshrined in the Constitution of India.

However, questioning the attitude of the State government, Prof Mahapatra wondered what was the purpose of the government to have such commissions (WBHRC) if it did not implement its recommendations.