It was not a legislator from Manipur. But another man who, impersonating the Khetrigao MLA, barged into a ward and threatened patients and nurses at the J.N. Institute of Medical Sciences here on Wednesday night.

With the police arresting the impersonator Syed Ali, police constable Nasir Khan and the husband of a patient on Friday, doctors, nurses and paramedics of the hospital suspended their strike.

They launched ceasework on Thursday protesting against the “MLA” browbeating the staff, following a heated exchange over administering a drip to Mumtaz Begum, who was admitted to the hospital. Her husband, Salauddin Khan claimed that he was the brother of the MLA and called him on his mobile phone.

On arrival, the “MLA” showed his muscle power. Both of them and the constable allegedly threatened to fix all the nurses and doctors.

It turned out that Syed Ali was the older brother of Salauddin Khan, but not an MLA.

The constable has been placed sunder suspension.

Meanwhile, Amin Shah, MLA from Khetrigao, has clarified that he had nothing to do with Wednesday’s incident in the hospital.