Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam on Sunday inaugurated the first Information Centre (IC) of Global Hospitals and Health City (GHHC) in Puducherry.

The IC will serve as the “nerve centre” for the patients in Puducherry and in neighbouring places for information dissemination and patient care management during medical emergencies. Specialists from across different fields will visit the centre every weekend to offer consultations to patients.

Mr. Vaithilingam said that the IC was a welcome addition to the medical environment of Puducherry.

With a number of liver cirrhosis cases being reported in the Union Territory, the centre would help patients to access quality medical care for the chronic disease.

He also hoped that the centre would create awareness of liver diseases among people of Puducherry.

Ed. L. Lansan, Chief Executive Officer of GHHC, said that rather than being a competition for the existing hospitals in the region, the GHHC would try to complement the medical services available here and fill the gap whenever skills were needed from elsewhere.

Chairman and Managing Director K. Ravindranath and director, Liver Transplantation, GHHC, Mohamed Rela, were present.