Information from locals, political rivals help the enforcement agencies

Seizure of unaccounted money and illegal liquor continues in Uttar Pradesh in the run-up to the Assembly elections, with over Rs. 10 crore having been seized till date. The police recovered about Rs. 3 crore from different places in the State on Monday. About one lakh litres of illicit liquor were seized by the enforcement agencies.

In Ghaziabad, Rs. 12.5 crore was recovered on Monday. The cash was kept in a van intercepted by the police.

Chief Electoral Officer Umesh Sinha said it was not yet certain that the seized currency was unaccounted. Those transporting the cash said the money belonged to a bank. Income-tax and police officials were examining their documents.

Seizure of unaccounted money was made from over a dozen districts, including Prabudh Nagar, Kanpur, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Nagar, Mathura, Ambedkar Nagar Lakhimpur Kheri and Lucknow.

The seizures were largely possible owing to ‘local intelligence.' “Information from locals and political rivals had made the task of the enforcement agencies easier, and the information mechanism was strengthened.”

The movement of unaccounted cash would be strictly monitored. Nodal officers were appointed by the Income-Tax Department in all districts and carrying more than Rs. 2.5 lakh in cash without valid documents would be treated as unaccounted.

About one lakh litres of illicit liquor were seized in the last 10 to 12 days from different parts of the State. Many liquor manufacturing units were sealed. Most of the units were located in villages or jungles and local intelligence played a pivotal role in raids and seizures.

Mr. Sinha said the Election Commission's order of draping the statues of Chief Minister Mayawati and the BSP symbol, elephant, was received by the District Magistrates of Lucknow and Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) on Sunday. The order had to be implemented by January 11.

He said the order was in accordance with the guidelines issued in 2009 that said photographs of active representatives of political parties, including Prime Minister and Chief Ministers, should not be displayed, as it violated the code of conduct. The guidelines also stipulated that statues of living persons should not be displayed. The Lucknow and Noida Magistrates were asked to send compliance reports on the draping of statues to the Commission.