A founder member of the Aam Aadmi Party and one of the pioneers of India Against Corruption in Madhya Pradesh has withdrawn his candidature for the Indore Lok Sabha seat.

Prahlad Pandey, who is also the party’s spokesperson in the State and a national council member, is upset at the amendment to the party’s constitution last month. He says the amendment vests the power to select candidates with the nine-member Political Affairs Committee (PAC) and divests members in the respective areas of any choice in nomination.

He told The Hindu that he had written to AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and PAC members about the “illegalities” in amending the constitution. “They have not replied. The party has not yet declared a list of national council members who can vote on amendments. The process for choosing candidates has not been made public either. I don’t want to revolt after getting elected. I would rather clean the filth in the party without being an MP.”

Mr. Pandey continues to remain a member of the AAP. His dissent comes weeks after another founder member and former diplomat Madhu Bhandari resigned.

National spokesperson and screening committee member for Madhya Pradesh Atishi Marlena said the amendment was necessary. “There are bound to be differences of opinion within the party, and these are reconciled through dialogue. The process is transparent as the five-member screening committee shortlists names sent to the PAC, which chooses people in consultation with members from the State and eminent persons from outside the party.”