From being a mentor and adviser to a rival of sorts, Bharatiya Janata Party patriarch L. K Advani on Wednesday sought to mend ways with the Gujarat Chief Minister and even went to the extent of saying he would be happy if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of the country.

Mr. Advani’s statement here, months after he tacitly objected to Mr. Modi’s candidature as the BJP prime ministerial nominee, is a clear indication that he is willing to make peace with his former disciple.

The BJP veteran praised the Gujarat Chief Minister for always thinking out of the box. “I have seen this quality in Narendra bhai for a very long time; even before he came to power. He thinks about how to do things in a manner not done anywhere,” Mr. Advani said. Mr. Advani was here to inaugurate two river front parks launched in collaboration with the Institute of Infrastructure Research and Management in Mr. Modi’s constituency, Maninagar.

Mr. Modi said, “When we live in a global world, it is important to make our place in the world and this cannot happen merely by reciting quotes.”

Mr. Advani and Mr. Modi attended a meeting, along with former Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel, of the Somnath Trust in Ahmedabad. The two then travelled in the same vehicle


Advani gives in, endorses Modi’s candidacySeptember 16, 2013