Ruling CPI(M) in Tripura on Thursday said the party and the state government would work towards improvement of security situation specially incidents of crime against women. It said it is unhappy with the crime statistics reflected in the report of the National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) – an institution of the union home ministry.

The NCRB released ‘Crime in India’ edition which compiled all type of crimes and offences registered under IPC sections in the states and union territories in year 2012. The report reveals 1,559 general crimes against women and 229 rape incidents in Tripura during the year.

The state however could lesser the menace of dowry deaths last year in comparison to preceding years. Number of dowry deaths recorded at 37 though neighbouring states Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland did not witness a single dowry related murder in 2012.

“We are not happy over the incidents reflected in the report. People have extended huge support to us and our party and the government would definitely work to substantially reduce crime”, CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar told The Hindu.

Mr Dhar however said several factors including activities of foreign agencies, negative campaign by a section of media and sinister designs of vested quarters fuelled crimes in Tripura. “A good number of incidents instigated by political forces had also occurred in months before the last assembly elections”, he added.

With insurgency on the wane, rise in general crime scenario especially against women has become a matter of concern for the state government and the ruling party. According to the NCRB report Tripura stands second after Assam in north-eastern region in incidents of crime against women and rape.

Informed sources say dismal conviction rate is a major reason for occurrence of frequent rape and molestation incidents in Tripura.

State police received three gang rape among the several rape complaints so far this year.

Meghalaya recorded more murder cases (total 137) and Manipur more kidnapping (total 223) than Tripura in 2012. Assam tops in the region in all category of crimes owing to its huge population.

For years, main opposition Congress has been lambasting the CPI(M) led Left Front government citing NCRB reports. The party has not yet reacted over latest NCRB report released on June 4.