Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Monday said that the state government has no intention to give the land right to the share-croppers, who till the land.

“There is no such recommendation by the Bandopadhyaya Commission to give the land right to the tillers...This is a concerted effort by the opposition to create confusion among the common man which needs to be corrected,” Mr. Modi said while addressing a gathering organised here to felicitate BJP’s senior leader Kailashpati Mishra on his 87th birthday.

Mr. Modi said that “there is neither any recommendation in Bandopadhyaya Commission’s report which takes away landowners’ right and give it to the tillers... nor it (share-croppers right on land) has been implemented in the neighbouring Communist West Bengal.”

The state’s NDA government was committed for the betterment of all the sections of the society, he added.

Instead, Congress government had made a law which prescribed that tiller would get the right on the land if he/she till the land for 12 consecutive years, the deputy chief minister said adding that this never became a reality as no successive governments implemented it.

The D Bandopadhyaya Commission’s report was tabled in the state legislative assembly in June last.