A day after the Maharashtra Assembly passed the Anti-Superstition Bill, the Thane police on Saturday arrested an Indian Airlines employee who doubled up as a godman, along with five others, for performing a human sacrifice.

The victim, identified as Kalavati Gupta (55), was a resident of Santacruz, a western suburb of the city. On November 15, Kalavati’s neighbour Ramdhani Yadav took her to a godman Sarvajeet Kahar in Nalla Soparato help cure her ailing son using black magic. Ramdhani and his brother Gulab Yadav were also followers of Sarvajeet.

Ramdhani’s wife was unwell and Gulab and his wife would fight frequently. The godman told Gulab that they had to sacrifice a woman in order to solve their problems.

Along with the Yadav brothers and the tantric, the police also arrested three others for abetting the murder.