The state forest department has networked its ground-level offices and jeeps involved in patrolling helping them keep connected across the six wildlife sanctuaries including a national park, which are part of the Western Ghat hill ranges.

In a bid to stop poaching incidents, Goa forest department has networked all its offices through latest wireless technology replacing the conventional system which had limited applications.The department has managed to connect all its ground-level offices and jeeps involved in patrolling with wireless system, which helps them keep connected round the clock, Deputy Conservator of Forest (HQ) Debendra Dalai has said.

“Towers have been installed in wildlife sanctuaries at a higher altitude which aids the wireless system to connect all the range officers, deputy conservators and even chief wildlife warden, back in Panaji,” he said. The absence of mobile phone range in the wildlife sanctuaries had kept the forest department officials disconnected from the mainstream during their regular duties and the conventional wireless system had a limited range, Mr. Dalai added.

Mr. Dalai said that the department has formed a dedicated anti-poaching squad who patrol even during night.

“There is a possibility that sometimes poachers can outnumber the department staff. In such crucial circumstances, wireless system comes handy to call for extra support from the teams nearby,” Mr. Dalai said.

The forest department, during early monsoon showers, usually gets busy on picking up the trail of poachers who try to hunt down Indian Bull Frogs who surface during this time of the year for breeding.

The funding for the modernisation has been drawn from Central government-sponsored compensatory afforestation fund management and planning authority (CAMPA).

Mr. Dalai said Rs 40 lakh earmarked for the purpose last year has been utilised.