The Union Home Ministry is understood to have taken a serious view on the increasing blatant violations of the ground rules of the suspension of operations by some signatories in Manipur. The latest appalling violation was the beating up of a police officer on duty by some signatories; even as the state Health Minister and some Parliamentary secretaries were present just a few metres away.

Cop beaten up

While welcoming 155 cadres who joined the national mainstream on Monday after signing the suspension of operations Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh warned those who are in designated camps against trampling the ground rules.

But the former insurgents, who are now in the designated camps, turned a deaf ear to the warnings. On the very next day, some former militants who are staying in the designated camp located within 46 Assam Rifles in Churachandpur district took the law into their hands and mercilessly beat up one police officer in front of hundreds of stunned spectators. The Minister and the Parliamentary secretaries were in a nearby venue for official function.

Health Minister Phungzathang Tonsing and other Parliamentary secretaries were inspecting an hospital in the district. Mr. Tonsing was announcing that a Hill medical college would be opened in the district. At this juncture the former insurgents of a banned underground organisation chased a fleeing police officer within the hospital campus. Police were keeping a tight lip on what had provoked the former insurgents in attacking the police officer in this manner.

Reports said that the former militants who were in combat fatigue chased the fleeing police officer in their jeep on Tuesday while the Health Minister was in the function. Eventually they overtook the police officer. While several former militants buttonholed the police officer, one of them punched him in the face several times. Some local newspapers have published photographs showing the former militants beating up the police officer.

They tried to bundle him off in their jeep for taking to an undisclosed place. On hearing the rumpus some police commandos rushed there. When they tried to rescue the police officer the former militants resisted. The police commandos slewed their guns towards the former militants after which the police officer was allowed to go.

CM, Deputy CM to meet Shinde

Chief Minister Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam Gangmei — who is in charge of Home — will be holding a meeting shortly with Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde on this issue. Militants of over 20 underground organisations in Manipur had come over ground after signing this accord.

However, police had arrested leaders of some signatories after reports on instances of issuing extortion threats and allegations of involvement in kidnappings and other insurgency related activities.

The Union Home Ministry is understood to have asked the Manipur government to ensure that there is no violation of the ground rules as. These increasing instances of the violations are citing a bad example before one and all.

People have already gained in indelible impression that signing of the suspension of operations amounts to giving licence to commit crimes with impunity. Sounding a warning Mr. Singh on Monday said that the state and the central governments may be constrained to review to the arrangements if these former militants do not follow the ground rules. Home Minister Gangmei too was very unhappy and warned of drastic government actions.

Mr. Singh and Mr. Gangmei were not making public comments on Tuesday’s contretemps. The rank and file of the police have also taken a serious view of the incident and they are believed to have pressurised the government for taking up some concrete actions in this connection. Mr. Gangmei also held a meeting with the top ranking police and security forces to take stock of the situation.