The Forum for Naga Re-conciliation (FNR) has been working for a meeting of the leadership of top Naga underground groups for unity on the protracted Naga political conflict.

“This (meeting) is the mandate of the Naga people and also the resolve of the Joint Working Group (JSW) of three Naga political groups which had signed the Covenant of Re-conciliation,” the FNR said in a statement here on Thursday.

The meeting will take place if ‘some critical questions’ are resolved soon, the FNR said.

It further said leaders of the Covenant of Re-conciliation should be prepared to meet.

The historic Covenant of Reconciliation (COR) was signed on June 13, 2009 in Chiang Mai in Thailand by NSCN(I-M) chairman Issac Swu, NSCN(K) chief S S Khaplang and S Singnya.

The FNR also described the meeting of September 18 last year at Dimapur as ‘historic’ where NSCN(I-M) general secretary Th. Muivah, NSCN(K) general secretary Kitovi Zhimomi and NNC/FGN president S Singnya committed to pursue Naga re-conciliation.

Recalling that ‘Naga Reconciliation: A Journey of Common Hope’ had gradually travelled for 35 months with some significant accomplishments, the statement said during the period nine meetings of Naga groups were held outside the country and 51 in Nagaland aimed at strengthening the peace and re-conciliation process.