The people of Puducherry experienced their first flash mob on Wednesday afternoon at 4.30pm, when 300 children got together on Gandhi Thidal.

While this is the first time for Puducherry, flash mobs have been taking place in Mumbai and Chennai regularly.

The beach road was the ideal location for the town’s first flash mob, one of the organisers said.

The idea was to use the flash mob to raise awareness of some pressing public health issues. It was important for the event to take place on a public holiday, since more people would be able to witness the flash mob, the organiser said.

The event was organised to raise awareness for dengue and polio and was called Frozen Hearts 2012.

The students were all part of the Outlasters Dance Company and the event was organised by Limelight Promotions, in association with the Department of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Tourism.