Fiza Anuradha Bali, the estranged second wife of the former deputy chief minister of Haryana, Chander Mohan, was found dead under mysterious circumstances at her house in Mohali town of Punjab's Ajitgarh district on Monday.

Ms Bali's body was found in the ground floor bedroom and decomposition had set in. Family and friends, who reached her house, which is located on the outskirts of Chandigarh, told reporters that she had not been attending to phone calls for more than four days. After they detected a foul odour emanating from the house, neighbours informed her uncle Satpal and the police.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, D.S. Mann and SHO Kulbir Singh, told reporters that the police broke open the door to enter the house and found Ms Bali's maggot infested body on the bed. No signs of struggle were evident from the scene. The police which have registered a case said that initial investigations point towards suicide, even though no note was found from the spot nor was the time of death be confirmed. The body has been sent for post-mortem examination.

Ms Bali who had been living alone after mother died a couple of years ago, is said to have attempted a suicide in 2009 after her controversial marriage broke up. While she had a running feud with some of neighbours, for which she was taken into custody, Ms Bali is said be depressed and suffered bouts of anxiety.

Born in a Hindu family and named as Anuradha Bali, she came under media spot light in December 2008, when she married the then Haryana deputy chief minister, Chander Mohan, who is the son of former chief minister, Bhajan Lal. Both had gone into a hiding only to resurface and announce their marriage after having converted to Islam. While he assumed Chand Mohammed as a new name, she added a prefix "Fiza" to her name. She was Haryana's Assistant Advocate General before marrying Chander Mohan.

However, Chander Mohan returned to his first wife and children, within four weeks after marrying Ms Bali. He divorced her over the phone and pronounced "talak" thrice over the sms, ending the relationship. However in June 2009, Chander Mohan returned to Ms Bali for a rapprochement only to be taken away by his family. Subsequently, he performed series of prayers as per the traditions of the family and the community to "purify" himself. A couple of months ago, he joined the Haryana Janhit Congress, an outfit formed by his father and younger brother, Kuldeep Bishnoi.

Ms Bali who had challenged the divorce, ultimately gave up her legal battle for her rights over property and other matters. She also figured in a reality show.