When bullets were flying thick and fast at Cama Hospital on the night of 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, a girl was born in the hospital. Her parents have aptly named her “Goli” (bullet) in memory of the bullet shots fired.

Viju Chavan, 30, started getting labour pains around 8 at night on the night of November 26, 2008, and was rushed to the Cama hospital.

She gave birth to a baby girl unaware of the fact that minutes before the lone surviving gunman Mohammed Ajmal Kasab and his aide’s had launched a death trail killing several people.

And now when the country commemorates the first anniversary of the attack after a week, Goli’s family would mark solemn birthday celebrations.

“Doctor said that she should be named ‘Goli’ and informed us that no other child was delivered in the hospital that day till 2 am. Doctor picked her up told me that Viju name your girl ‘Goli’ (bullet). So on his recommendation we named our child ‘Goli’. Her name is Tejaswini otherwise but all our relatives and neighbours living around call her ‘Goli’,” said Viju Chavan.

Shyam Laxman Chavan, cannot yet forget the dreaded night when he realised what was happening outside the hospital.

“We get scared when we think about that night. Whenever we go to Cama hospital we feel suffocated. When we go there for polio drops for my girl or boy or for routine check-up we still get scared, we carefully see all around there while entering the hospital premises,” said Shyam.