Seventeen persons were injured, with six suffering over 50 per cent burns, and several tents destroyed in fire at two places at the Maha Kumbh Mela on Friday.

Fire broke out in a pandal at Saket Dham in Sector 11 on the banks of the Ganga and it spread to the adjacent tent, a senior official said adding that an LPG cylinder leakage could have been the cause.

The fire was soon brought under control.

The tents belonged to the Ram Janki Ashram and the Ram Govind Das Trust.

The other fire fire mishap was reported in a tent on Sector 4. According to reports, it could have been caused by incense sticks. The tent was vacant at the time of the incident.

Joint Director of Medical Services at Kumbh Mela Major D.P Singh said the six who sustained burns were in a “serious condition.”

The incidents come two days before the second ritual bathing day of the mela — the “Paush Purnima snan.”


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