Final placements at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A) got underway on Saturday, adopting the newly introduced ‘Cohort-Based’ system.

“A batch of 290 candidates from IIM-A is slated to find placements in leading multi-national firms in sectors such as marketing, finance and banking,” a member of the placement committee at IIM-A said.

“The first Cohort of recruiter shall be deciding the candidate... may be by today evening or tomorrow after holding detailed discussions with them, through various interactive modes like chatting, interview, formal discussions...,” an IIM-A official said.

Cohort is a group of subjects who have shared a particular experience during a particular time span.

The Cohort-based system is a longer placement process as compared to the previous ‘Slot Zero’ concept, but is significantly more advantageous both to candidates and the recruiters, IIM-A officials said.

The placement process is expected to last around five weeks, where each cohort that hosts firms offering similar roles and opportunities to candidates shall come on weekends and after detailed discussions about roles on offer will recruit them.

The sequence in which the cohorts are invited to the campus is according to the batch preference, an official said